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Keynux professionals are highly skilled in Business Computer design and IT solutions issues. We seek dynamic, self-starters who can make an immediate impact on our fast-growing company. People who have the drive and initiative to provide business-based solutions in the enterprise computing marketplace. Our engineers, sales force and consultants work as a cohesive team to help customers reduce their IT investments, optimize their computing infrastructure and get the quickest Return on Investment.

Learning innovative technological approaches at Keynux isn't just inside a classroom; it's a part of what we do every day.

The Essence of Keynux

Integrity - We apply the highest standards of professionalism and fairness in all situations and decisions.
Independence - By allowing our employees to act with confidence and independence, they are empowered to take action without constant direction from others.
Ethical behavior and honesty are fundamental characteristics of our conduct.
Quality - In setting high personal standards, our employees accept responsibility for their actions and outcomes.
Results Focused - There is a sense of urgency in achieving results and bringing issues to closure. Our employees pursue aggressive goals and work hard to achieve them.
Competitive Positioning - In creating an entrepreneurial environment, our employees embrace freedom, experimentation, and a disdain for bureaucracy.
Fun - Last, but not least, our employees must truly enjoy what they do. And we are creating many opportunities within the workplace for them to have fun.

58, chemin des Gros Buaux

Phone : +33 - 805 69 69 50
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